How to Make a Guild In world of warcarft

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How to Make a Guild In world of warcarft

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How to Make a Guild

This is a guide for those who have never made a guild before. It is a relatively simple process and I hope to explain it as clearly as possible. I will be creating a guild called “Example.” To see the full screenshot of any of the thumbnails, just click on them.

Lets begin.

For the purposes of this guide I shall be using the guild master in Ironforge but there are also identical guild masters in many other major cities. For a list of guild masters and their whereabouts check out this link: Guild Masters.

The first step is to find a guard in your chosen city. Right click on them and then click on “Guild Master:”

Next follow the red flag on your minimap or on your large map by pressing, “m.”

This is what the building looks like in Ironforge. Just go up the steps and inside. Then jump down to the two dwarfs bellow.

Next talk to the “Guild Master,” by right clicking on him.

Click on, “How do I form a guild?” Then click on “Purchase Guild Charter.” You will need to type in your chosen name for the guild. Now open your bags and you should see your guild charter:

Now comes the hardest part! You need to get 9 signatures from people who are not in a guild. Normally a good place to find these people are around the auction house since you get many bank characters without guilds.
*HINT* - Post in the trade channel offering 1g for each signature. - This will speed it up a lot.
To get a signature simply right click on the guild charter in your bag to bring it up on screen. Then click on the guildless character whose signature you want. Then click, “request signature,” on the guild charter. When they accept then their name will appear on the charter. Only 8 to go!

Once you have all the signatures then go back to the guild master. Your charter should look like this:

Now speak to the guild master again and click on, “Register a Charter.”

Congratulations! You are now the proud master of your guild.

Would you like a guild tabard as well? Read on…

Now you need to talk to the guild master again and click on the, “Create a Guild Crest.” This will cost you 10g but it is worth it! Now procede to edit your tabard until you are happy.

Once you have created it you will need to buy a guild tabard. This costs 75s and you buy it from the person next to the guild master. Go ahead and buy one.

Now find it in your bag and equip it! Congratulations! You now have a brand new guild and tabard.

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